My Grandfather the Dentist, WW Two Vet, and My Endorsement with Next Generation Dental

As Thanksgiving approaches and Veterans Day just passed, I felt the time was right to write about my first endorsement, which we secured over the summer.

My maternal grandfather, a World War Two Veteran, purple heart winner among several other awards, and D-Day survivor, was also a dentist.  Surviving the war, three wives, he passed in 2015, at the age of 98, and is survived by three children, two son in laws, one daughter in law, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild at the time of his death (now two).  I wrote about him this past Memorial Day, as he would have been 101 on May 25th.


I have plenty of memories of going to visit my grandparents, in Woodmere, Long Island, in their yellow house at 45 Janet Place  where my grandfather’s dentist office was downstairs in the basement. To think about how “simple” it was then; as my days are filled with logistics, the idea of literally just going downstairs to work then back upstairs for your home life feels at times extraordinarily refreshing.  And then I remember that my grandfather, from age 23-27, was in Europe and at war- quite different from what I was doing from age 23-27. Anything but simple.

What Does Fitness Have to do with My Teeth?

Short answer; everything.

Yes; my focus for years has been on physical fitness.  I work with my clients towards their physical goals, whatever they are.  Whether it be to gain muscle, lean out, get faster, lose inches, or just generally feel the endorphins pumping, I pride myself and my method in meeting you where you are.  That being said, I have also long known- and have written- that to be physically fit on the outside does nothing without a healthy inside; inside meaning physical and emotional/spiritual health.

I recently learned that gum and mouth disease is a leading cause of gum disease.  Moreover, we know that what we eat is, of course, very important for our overall health.  And, when it comes to physical fitness and performance, nutrition plays an integral role in how fast we run, how much endurance we have, and how well we can perform.  

It all comes full circle.


Who is Next Generation Dental?

When my grandfather retired, my family was somewhat at a loss.  We had trusted our teeth to a family member for our entire life.  

In 2005, we met Dr. Benjamin Ganjian (aka “Dr. Ben”) who co-owns Next Generation Dental, with his brother, Paul.  I remember at the time, I had some major work that needed to be done, including a few root canals and the building of a crown.  Not a pleasant experience, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I always felt extremely comfortable and taken care of by Dr. Ben and his staff.  

As the years continued, and fortunately, my teeth have held strong and I am mainly going for check ups and teeth cleaning, I stayed with Next Generation Dental.  Dr. Ben- a busy father of three young children- understands fully what it is like to be a parent, a business owner, and a professional, striking that balance without short changing any of his responsibilities. Now, my entire family, spanning three generations, including my very opinionated first grader, go to them. Their services run the gamut, from cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic care, and pediatric care.  It is a relief for me and my family to have found an excellent "one-stop-shop" who are complete professionals, provide a "family" feel in their care, and are super convenient with their Sunday hours.



I mentioned this in an earlier newsletter; I would never endorse a company or brand I do not full-heartedly believe in.  In addition, it is super important for the brand or companies values to be aligned with mine. It has to feel natural, organic, and authentic.

I certainly have found that with Next Generation Dental.

Laura Kovall