Being a working mom it is difficult to find the time to exercise and keep in shape. Laura is exactly what I needed to keep my motivation levels high - I actually find myself wanting to make our weekly exercise routines a priority. I have been working with Laura for the past two years and I am so happy with the results and highly recommend any mom out there to work with Laura. Thanks Laura - looking forward to another great year!
— Kim, New York

This was so amazing! I brought my baby, who eventually slept on her mat in the corner. I got a great workout. Laura was very motivating, OMG. I love that there was something I could bring the baby to.
— Anonymous, New York

I was genuinely impressed with the framework of the class! Each move served a function of improving strength, mobility, or stability. Not once did we perform an exercise that was for “show muscles” and we used real weights. It’s a great cross-training class for athletes who may be looking for a recovery style class on their cross-training days. And no shower required after class. I cleaned up and went right back to the office.
— Anonymous, New York

Laura is the absolute best. Motivating and encouraging.
— Anonymous, New York
The class FLIES by. It’s a great, solid workout with smooth, quick transitions from one movement to the next to always keep you distracted. The studio is clean and always cool, and Laura is THE BEST. Great energy.
— anonymous, new york