Fitness Philosophy

The number one reason people don't workout is time; I like to strip this obstacle away by creating time-efficient, total body workouts where you can do anywhere.  The body must be worked multi-dimensionally and, specifically, we must target the muscles we do not activate as much in everyday life, such as the glutes and triceps.  For this reason, I incorporate elements of cardio intervals, strength training, body toning, and yoga/pilates in my sessions.


The Fit it in video series

If you have an unpredictable schedule but are committed to fitting fitness into your life, this is the package for you. It contains 4 20-minute total body workout videos and a 10 minute stretch series to be completed at your convenience. This is the “anytime, anywhere” package.

Online studio pass

If you prefer working out in your own space, cannot get out of the house and crave accountability I will bring the class to you. You can live stream into a number of my live classes. To sign up email

fitness concierge/PERSONAL TRAINING

You deserve a routine that sticks.  Whether your goal is to tone up, get stronger, or train for an upcoming event, my goal is to create a program that works for you. This program begins with a fitness and lifestyle assessment. From this assessment we create a custom program that will walk you through the steps it will take to achieve your goals with continued support, customization and accountability along the way. For inquiries email


Given my passion for running, there is little I enjoy more than supporting runners with their speed work and in helping them remain injury free. I teach at NYRR Run Hub a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Class several times a month. Go to for their schedule, or follow me on instagram @laurakovall where I post my schedule . For the month of SEPTEMBER, I will be there Thursday, September 12th at 1230, Sunday September 15th at 4pm, and Sunday September 22nd at 4pm