For lack of a better expression, I do believe we are stronger together and can only benefit from supporting one another.  As my brand is deeply personal, I take great pride in who I partner with and ensure they are the right fit. Below are my current partnerships.



Being a new mom can feel isolating.  Thankfully, my good friend, Kristin Malta- celebrity chef, restaurant owner and mom to Robert- founded Mommy Mingle.  Here, she organizes and hosts events on a range of topics that are important to moms and provides a place for them to meet one another.  I welcome these lovely ladies and their little ones at any of my MamaFit classes.


Before I became a mom, I swore I would “never” become one of “those women” who lose their personal identity once motherhood commences.  When I had Sophia, I held true to this sentiment, yet it was a lot harder than I expected. Randi Zinn has successfully created a community of diverse, enthusiastic, talented women who are moms that look beyond motherhood; balancing their desire to be the best mother they could be while understanding who they are independent of motherhood and, at times, their new identify post-baby.  I have done several events with Randi, look forward to doing more AND will let you all know of the incredible events she hosts.



Springsteen’s “Born To Run” sums it up.  For as long as I can remember, running was an integral part of my family life.  My mother ran the NYC Marathon two times before I turned 3, and weekend mornings always started with my mother and father going for a run.  A five time marathon runner myself, working with New York Road Runners is an ideal partnership for me. I teach a class once a month at their Run Center, where I help other runners work the muscles needed to aid in their runs and stay injury free.



MY FIT BRUNCH: I love meeting women who have an entrepreneurial spirit.  Idara Otu, former Olympian (Track and Field) and currently employed at Barclays, founded My Fit Brunch as a way to get working women out of the office and into a social environment where they could unwind, network, and enjoy.  I have taught these women once a month since April; and now I am working with Idara who is bringing her program to banks on a larger scale to promote wellness in financial services.


Through their community and membership program, mamas Emily Anderson and Rebekah Rosler bring moms together through classes, events, and various activities throughout the NYC area.  The Friday before Mother’s Day, I taught a group of these mamas at The Great Lawn in Central Park. Group founders Emily and Rebekah have their own fascinating and unique stories which you can find on their site;


Similar to my motto of fitting fitness in, the founder of WELLB has created an APP where a range of  fitness and wellness professionals can help you fit it in by going straight to wherever you are. I feature my services on this platform.