Chess & Fitness: Balance of Mind and Body

Just before the new year, I had posted on my Facebook page that, I was looking to start a virtual fitness program in addition to the livestream classes I have been offering over the past year and a half. Evan Rabin, the owner of Premier Chess, reached out to me and said he would be interested in the program and potentially working together.Since then, Evan has been participating in the 6am livestream classes; Sophia has also started to take private chess lessons with Evan.  


Timing is everything, as it was about a year and a half ago where I first had heard of Evan’s company and had reached out to see about chess classes for Sophia.  While I had never played chess, Sophia started playing with my fatherNow, Sophia has started to and has been very much enjoying them.  She will be participating in her first chess tournament this month.  


 When Evan offered me an opportunity to write a blog post for his newsletter, I was honored.  And I started thinking; what- if any- are some parallels between fitness and chess? Please check out my post The Balance Between Staying Present and Looking Forward: A Lifelong Journey.

To find out more about Premier Chess you can visit their website

Laura Kovall