The Fit Co & The Hamptons

For those of you who know me, you have probably heard me say that I have been going out to The Hamptons "since before the Hamptons were The Hamptons."  My parents bought a place in Sag Harbor almost 40 years ago, and I spent childhood summers out there.

As The Hamptons are essentially my second home, I feel at ease when I am there, and often ignore the more "sceney" places (although there was a trip to Le Bilboquet Memorial Day weekend).  Knowing that balance and having downtime is essential for me, I do like to unwind when I am there.  And I also know that I have the opportunity to do what I love in the very place that I love.

A few summers ago, a colleague of mine told me she gains 5-10 pounds every summer.  I was surprised.  I always thought summertime was a time of activity; running, biking, swimming, outdoor workouts.....

Then I realized; with all the travel many of us do, we are eating at home less and on the go more; we are sitting when traveling; and, of course, there are rooftop parties, beach parties, BBQs, weddings...

And yes, for those of us who love it, there is rose. 

Since The Fit Co is all about fitting fitness in and community, why not have me come for a group workout before you lunch/party/BBQ or hit the rose.  We can workout outside, indoors, and we can cater the workout to your liking, choosing from our signature Fusion, No Sweat, or MamaFit format. 

And, if you prefer a special location, I will be teaching at Wolffer Estate my "No Sweat" class on Friday, July 6th at 9am.

To book: please email me at

Laura Kovall